Hello! My name is Susie Barrett

There is something special about being the first — the first in a race or the first to do the impossible. For me, I was the very first independent associate of TruVision Health Company and I hold that title still today with complete pride. It takes dedication to be the first of something and stick with it — even during the hard times. As a representative of TruVision Health, I have been through the thin and thick of it all, but I have stayed loyal to the company because I have seen its benefits. I know TruVision works, and it fills me with a sense of purpose that I am giving people an opportunity to change their lives for the better with TruVision’s program.

Doing the impossible

Losing weight and changing your mindset is difficult. It is about breaking habits and forming newer, better ones. You don’t have to “win the race” to health, although it definitely may seem like it is impossible. However, I can say with dedication, diet, and exercise, you can make your way to the body and health-level you desire. With TruVision’s program, you may be able to achieve the weight you have always wanted, and I want to be the one to help you.

A little about me and Will

I am lucky enough to be blessed with a big and loving family. Together, me and my best friend and life partner, Will Barrett, share five beautiful children. Today, we are the proud grandparents of ten grand-kids!
In our professional lives, we have had the pleasure of helping our community and informing others about fitness and health. I have been working in multilevel marketing for over 20 years and my husband is a high-level systems administrator. Together, we work as a team for TruVision, and have been doing so for many years because we believe in the product.

If you are interested to know more about TruVision or our TruVision Plans, view the video below.