1. Benefits of Omega-3s and Where to Find Them

    What are they? Omega-3s are a form of polyunsaturated fat. Omega-3s can also be further broken down into three types: DHA, EPA, and ALA. You get these three forms in different types of foods. DHA is especially important as it can help with proper nervous system function as well as mood. DHA can also…Read More

  2. Dieting: A Psychological Game

    Psychology Explains: Why Is Dieting Hard? Dieting can be one of the most challenging things to do. But why is something as simple as not eating bad foods so difficult? Well, there is a lot more to it than just eating healthy foods. Dieting is a psychological game you have to play with yourself, whic…Read More

  3. Creating a Healthy Meal Plan on a Budget PART 3

    You Need Motivation to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals Dieting on a budget is so much more than just saving money. Eating right accounts for a lot more! In our two previous blogs, we discussed how strategy and organizational skills play a role in your dieting. Both of these skills are monumentally im…Read More

  4. Creating a Healthy Meal Plan on a Budget PART 2

    Organization Is Key for Weight Loss In our last blog, we discussed the importance of strategy in your diet plan. If you want to lose weight planning out when you will work out, what you will eat, and when you will eat are all essential concepts to plan out. But, if this seems a bit too strict of die…Read More

  5. Losing Weight with Weight Loss Capsules

    Weight Loss Capsules and Your Diet Plan Most weight loss programs out there make many promises; they promise instant results with no effort involved. Weight loss capsule programs are notorious for giving this sort of empty promise, and don’t take responsibility for being false when their customers…Read More

  6. Creating a Healthy Meal Plan on a Budget PART 1

    Weight Loss Strategies and Your Wallet Much of the struggle with staying on course is finding excuses to make bad choices. One of the most popular excuses is related to finances. It is no surprise that most people that are overweight are low income. Because people feel that they can’t eat healthy …Read More