Support. Revive. Maintain.

At My Big Fat Diet Company, we want to help encourage you to live a healthy life. In order to do that, you need to make the right decisions to receive results. Our probiotic shakes, supplement capsules, and powders will all help you on your way to a better style of living. In our line of business, we like to break up our products by the result our clients would like to see with their trial.

For instance, we break our products into three categories:

  • Support
  • Revive
  • Maintain

Each of these categories differs by the level of health you are currently in. For example, if you are just entering a healthy lifestyle, you will need support to continue to make healthy decisions. In the “Support” category, we offer weight loss capsules for you to take twice a day. These healthy diet pills will be able to sustain your lipid profile and balance your bodies natural processes.

If you would like to revive your body’s health, our capsules will be able to increase your metabolism and supply you with a burst of energy. This will help you feel alert and encourage you to use your newfound energy for physical exercise.

Lastly, if you would just like to maintain your body’s current condition, we have probiotic supplements and protein shakes to increase your daily fiber and protein intake.

If you are interested, click on the below categories and order your shipment of weight loss supplements today!


Give your blood chemistry a boost and revive your overall health. Start the path to better health with truFIX™!

  • Support and sustain your lipid profile.
  • Maintain your overall blood chemistry efficiency.
  • Balance your body’s processes.

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Your body is an amazing machine, specifically designed to operate at full efficiency when properly supported! truCONTROL™ supports and facilitates the body’s functions.

  • Increase your metabolism
  • Gain more natural energy
  • Boost weight loss
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It can be difficult to find the perfect nutritional balance in our daily lives. Give your body exactly what it needs with rePLACE™!

  • 20g of Protien
  • 6g of fiber
  • Highest grade, Certified Vegan Meal Replacement
  • Complete serving of Vegatables & Fruits, and more
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