What are they?

Omega-3s are a form of polyunsaturated fat. Omega-3s can also be further broken down into three types: DHA, EPA, and ALA. You get these three forms in different types of foods.

DHA is especially important as it can help with proper nervous system function as well as mood. DHA can also be one of the hardest omega 3s to consume, as it’s mostly found in animal sources like fish. Our bodies can convert ALA (from plants) into DHA, but only at a small percentage.

Where do we get them?

DHA and EPA omega-3s primarily come from fatty fish and grass-fed meat. ALA comes from plant sources like flax seed and walnuts. It’s important to get a variety of these foods so you can get all three of types of omega-3s that our bodies need to function properly.

Why do we need them?

Omega-3s are definitely a healthy fat you don’t want to avoid. Omega-3 fatty acids are critical for optimal health. They can help with brain function, mood, heart health, proper joint function, our nervous system, healthy skin and hair, and more!

On average, most of us probably don’t consume enough omega-3s, especially DHA. It’s important to remember to include foods and possibly supplements that contain these important fats.