1. I Feel Good

    This first pic was probably at my heaviest and the second is down about 30 pounds! I have truvision to thank for 20 lbs and the past three months!! I still have a long way to go but I sure feel good!…Read More

    Kimmie Hunter
  2. Thank You Truvision!

    I tried to make the best comparison as possible…when I got married I weighed 170lbs, today I weigh 174lbs… You can see that I am A LOT smaller now than I was at 170lbs…. On my wedding day I was a little depressed because my dress was so tight and that it couldn’t properly snap it in the back… now it’s able to be snapped and I have a ton of room… remember inches over pounds.. thank yo…Read More

    Jamie Harris
  3. Don’t Give Up

    My TruVision Weight Loss Journey started almost 2 years ago. When I first started taking the Weight Loss product with TruFix, I did not lose a single pound or see a noticeable difference for almost 4 months. At that point, the only reason I realized anything had changed was because my clothes literally started falling off! But nothing had changed on the scale! I was concerned in the beginning that…Read More

    Sabra McCraw
  4. Forever Grateful

    I’ll never forget when I saw that before picture of me on the left… That’s when I had decided I was going to change and start my Journey of living a Healthier lifestyle! And since being on these Amazing Supplements I’m the Healthiest I’ve ever been from the inside out! They have helped me stop those bad cravings and in return I eat healthier! I’ve always tried to workout but TruV helps…Read More

    Danielle Turpin
  5. Truvision WORKS!

    I am a living testimony to how hard is to struggle with weight gain. Over the years I have experienced the high of losing weight and then the disappointing low of gaining it all back…And then some!! However, I will tell you that Truvison products are working for me like no other product or diet I have ever tried. It has been so easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle. All you have to do is ta…Read More

    Belincia Morris