TruVision Health allows you to purchase products the way you want to!

TruVision believes in giving their customers options. There is no clear way to do something. However, when it comes to weight loss, monitoring calorie intake and regular exercise are the only ways to lose weight. Though there are alternate ways to monitor how much you are eating every day, many weight loss programs fall short of delivering real, noticeable results. TruVision plans work with you, based on the level you would like to participate in the program.

We have a total of three options for our TruVision weight loss plans, each different in their benefits :

  • Associate
  • Preferred Customer
  • Retail Customer

Our Associate clients get a plethora of benefits from discounts on products to added earned commissions. Click below our “Become an Associate” button to learn more about the position and see what benefits you could earn.

The Preferred Customer option gives you a discounted rate on our TruVision store. There, you will be able to access a wide-range of products and receive discounts on our products you value the most. With this level of partnership, you also gain access to SmartShip services, which make it easy to receive your order products every month. Instead of shopping around for your products every month, a shipment of your favorite items is billed automatically and shipped right to your door!

Our Retail Customer option allows you to enroll in our program with no enrollment fee. And, if you sign up with this level of the program, you will be able to make purchases through our TruVision store at our retail rate. This means you will be able to access your products at extremely low prices.

Interested in changing your life? Click today or contact us to learn more about our programs and how they can invoke positive change in your life and the lives around you.

Read through the plan options below and choose the level that best suits your needs.



  • Try new products while also earning Reward Dollars for Free.
  • Products are available at 20% off from retail.
  • When sharing the truLIFESTYLE, automatically earn commissions.
  • Walk your way to FREE products when joining the 10k Pledge.

Preferred Customer:

Preferred Customer

  • Discounted preferred rates are available through the TruVision store.
  • Try new products while also earning Reward Dollars for Free.
  • Use the SmartShip Service and receive products on a monthly schedule.

Retail Customer:

Retail Customer

  • Make purchases through the TruVision store at our retail rate.
  • No enrollment fee!

Retail Difference (Sample Commissions)

TruVision Health pays the difference between the Retail Price and the Associate Price to the direct upline Associate. This commission can be earned either by the “try now” replicated site or through the standard retail signup process.


Customer Cost

 $12      =

Associate Cost


Your Profit

Our way of saying thank you!

The Compensation Plan: 

Ways we show our appreciation:

Loyalty Rewards:

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