TruVision Health’s RePLACE

Luckily for you, if you have gotten in the habit of stress- or boredom-eating, there are ways to combat your hunger. My Big Fat Diet Company is happy to provide you with our specialized shake formula. Each TruVision Health’s rePLACE shake comes full of probiotic supplements and nutrients to help replace meals. Though training your hunger is important, it is also important to get all your daily vitamins. So many other shakes and probiotic solutions claim that they are healthy and will provide nutrients to their clients, but fall short when it comes to what the body needs. Our solution is made to give you a 20g boost of protein to help muscle strength, and 7 grams of fiber to regulate digestion.

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Available in both Brownie and Vanilla flavors, rePLACE™ perfectly compliments the full gambit of TruVision products. Try it today and start experiencing the benefits of overall health improvement!

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